Material science R&D

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Materials R&D

We help address the catch-22 issue for materials R&D of needing to create materials with desired functionalities and not being able to take big investment risks (given the quickly decreasing product expenditures). Our solutions also directly address the growing need for engineered and value added products, as well as the need for new business models and more services.

Experimentalists and Analytics Teams

Save up to 30% of experimentation costs by running focused experimental designs in areas that would give maximal informatin content & continuously integrating previously generated data and models. Improve the effectiveness of your output by sampling much wider spaces of extended material descriptors and environmental conditions. Learn the true performance drivers with data stories software.

Material Suppliers

Extend your deliverables to value added materials, or materials+ - deliver high performance material with a digital model allowing the customer to run interactive sensitivity analysis of what impacts target properties.

R&D Leaders

Protect your domain experts by making them more effective and up to 5x more efficient with DataStories' data interpretation workflow and software. Increase innovation rate and secure this capability within your organization. Improve communication by transforming data into easy to understand data stories.


Increase the usage of the data you generate by turning it into easy to understand and internalize data stories. Improve the effectiveness of the experiments and the modeling capability by using fast and effective data analysis tools in very high dimensional spaces. Learn to deliver **information** together with your data.

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