Continuous Improvement for Industry and Manufacturing

Industry and Manufacturing

Achieve operational excellence and maximise your productive potential

Continuous Improvement for Industry and Manufacturing

We help manufacturers achieve operational excellence by unlocking the full information from factory sensor data and objective analysis of all interrelationships and correlations. Once you have uncovered the true performance drivers, and received recommendations on how to optimize the KPIs, you are in state to represent the relevant information on simple and easy to use and maintain KPI dashboards.

Would you like to:
  • Improve demand forecasting, resource planning and scheduling?

  • Optimise production processes?

  • Obtain higher yields from the same inputs?

  • Achieve highest quality consistently?

  • Maximise equipment uptime with predictive maintenance?

  • Understand whether your investment brings your desired return?

Become a data-driven manufacturer, boost the productivity and profitability of your operations

Plant Managers

Improve transparency of plant operations, identify potential for further optimization, perform proactive diagnostics to shorten troubleshooting efforts and align stakeholders on priorities by having sensor data transformed into actionable information and regularly updated reports.

Process Engineers

Cut off your data analysis time in half by using DataStories software. Identify performance drivers out of hundreds and thousands of sensors, map all couplings between variables, and produce clear and beautiful reports to decision makers.

Maintenance Teams

Understand what drives performance deviations, develop explicit models for predictive and reactive repairs & maintenance, understand main cost drivers and how to lower the costs and quantify the effectiveness of your maintenance efforts.

Business Intelligence Teams

Identify and uantify opportunities for improvement. Enjoy automatic data cleaning, correlation analysis, mutual information analysis, automated reports, and easily deployable robust predictive models.

Advanced analytics maximises operational performance and can deliver margin improvements of as much as 4 to 10%.
Manufacturing: Analytics unleashes productivity and profitability, McKinsey&Company, August 2017

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Our core expertise is in business-driven applications of predictive analytics and data science to solve complex business challenges which directly impact the bottom line.