Sensory Evaluation and Agile New Product Design for FMCG Companies

Sensory Evaluation and Agile New Product Design for FMCG Companies

Create products your consumers always love and increase your chances of success with DataStories.

DataStories for Sensory Evaluation and New Product Development

Every company needs to innovate and come up with a stream of relevant new products and services to stay ahead in the game.

When you’re developing new fragrances, flavors, food or drink products, it’s essential to deeply understand the preferences of consumers but taste and liking are uniquely individual experiences and difficult to measure. Time and cost pressures only allow a handful of recipes to be evaluated, while even the smallest set of ingredients results in millions of possible combinations.

So, you are forced to make risky product decisions relying on gut feel and sparse consumer panel data. Research shows that new product failure is far more common than you might think, but DataStories gives you a proven method to engineer success.

  • What ingredients drive consumer liking?

  • How to always come up with successful products?

  • How to always find the optimal product recipe within our operational constraints?

  • How to optimize products for several different targets at the same time?

  • How to de-risk your decisions?

Create products your consumers always love and increase your chances of success.

Data-driven sensory evaluation and formulation design

DataStories works with fast moving consumer goods companies to help them streamline product development and make smarter decisions through a modern approach to innovation facilitated by cutting-edge data technologies.

A systematic end-to-end process

Our methodology is based on smart design of experiments logic and our advanced machine learning algorithms. Applied together they enable you to maximize the value of your panel and market research data and develop optimal products, delighting consumers and meeting business objectives.

Smart Design of Experiments

As only a small set of recipes can be evaluated by the sensory panel, we plan every experiment carefully. Our objective is to generate data points which sufficiently cover your design space and allow us to learn the most about the sensory preferences of your target group.

DataStories Digital Twin Technology

DataStories powerful machine learning technology converts the experimental results to reliable Digital Twin models, which mimic the sensory behavior of panel participants and allow you to run millions of tests in no time without having to bring more people to the lab. Easily discover the optimal recipe which balances your various targets.

By using AI and advanced analytics at scale, consumer packaged goods companies can generate more than 10% revenue growth.
Unlocking growth in CPG with AI and advanced analytics, BCG

You can also be a better innovator:

1. Create and launch products with maximum liking and performance

Discover which ingredients truly drive consumer liking or the performance of your product and come up with ideas for non-obvious experimental settings or composition designs for even better performance. Always discover the formulation which achieves highest consumer acceptance. models. Improve the effectiveness of your output by sampling much wider spaces of extended material descriptors and environmental conditions.

2. Develop product variants which appeal to segments of consumers

Gain insights into groups of consumers with similar tastes and develop product variations which provide a more personalized experience.

3. Achieve faster time to market and maximize your chance of success

Focus your efforts and develop new products more efficiently, saving valuable resources and achieving faster time to market.

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