Food and Flavor R&D

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Food & Flavor R&D

Development of new food and flavor products requires three things:

  • 1 Cost effective experimentation to get the data of maximal information content.
  • 2 Non-linear modeling methods to understand linkages between product formulation and its chemical composition and consumer preferences.
  • 3 Fast iterative data-driven optimization strategies to address growing customization requirements.

We deliver on all three needs and offer a strong technology backbone to implement an R&D-wide or business-wide strategy for digital innovation.

Modeling Teams

Make Yourself 10x more effective by adding DataStories to your data interpretation and modeling routines.

Innovation Teams

Consider strategic consulting project on big data innovatin to extablish and nurture a long-term and sustainable data-driven culture.

R&D Leadership

Book our online and on-site trainings to turn your domain experts into context-aware data scientists, and de-risk the training investment by securing the domain knowledge inside.

IT & Research Informatics

Help R&D organize and interpret the experimental data you manage, and score high and fast by leading the data-driven innovation efforts. Improve communication between functional and cross-functional teams by turning data into data stories.

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