DataStories raises €650,000 in convertible note

DataStories,posted on 19th October 2017

Happy to announce that DataStories raised €650,000 in a convertible note from current investors and business angels with a strong industrial background. This is twice as much as we wanted to raise before the end of the year - all the good signs of a healthy financial state.

Better yet - we secured our yearly revenue goals early October - three months before schedule. We are onto something! The most frequent expression we hear from our customers after the first meetings is: "Many big and small analytics companies have been knocking on our doors selling their tools, but you seem to be the first ones who have actually something to say." We'll keep doing our best in empowering experimentalists turn their data into product optimization strategies, building and implementing strategic business cases, and serving our customers with passion  for business driven data science and devotion to their personal success.

About DataStories:

DataStories International is an advanced analytics partner for industrial businesses with complex R&D or manufacturing processes.  We are the only technology that has a strong feedback loop from machine learning algorithms to actions. Our product - the DataStories platform -  brings advanced predictive analytics in the hands of your domain experts.

You will never have enough data scientists to pair up with your domain experts, but we turned this shortage into abundance. When someone who understands the business context is equipped with hypothesis-provoking data interpretation tools( and advanced analytics turned into stories), they can act on insights and recommendations, drive performance, innovate and win.

Our customers include a $60B+ FMCG company, €8B supplier of the semiconductor industry, one of the largest European fashion retailers, a beverage industry leader, and other ambitious innovation challenges.

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