Webinar: How to do Root-Cause Analysis in complex manufacturing?

Timely Root-Cause Analysis can improve overall equipment efficiency by 80%-90%, but it also offers numerous other benefits such as:

  • improved credibility at the end customers,
  • less scrap,
  • fewer returns,
  • better understanding which materials,
  • process conditions,
  • context in influencing quality deviations.
DataStories,posted on 20th April 2021
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Webinar: How to do Root-Cause Analysis in complex manufacturing?

For complex manufacturing, same day root-cause analysis is critical to maintain reputation and get market differentiation.

It took us at DataStories more than a decade of research to come up with the machine learning algorithms that generate explainable models and another 7 years to create a no-code tool that provides the insights to the process experts in a self-service form without requiring any data science knowledge.

The future of advanced data analytics in complex manufacturing is here! Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to do root cause analysis, without having prior background in data science.

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