DataStories nominated for Startup of The Year 2019

DataStories,posted on 27th February 2019

DataStories Nominated for Best Startup 2019 by The Big Squeeze

We're very proud that we've been nominated as Startup Of The Year 2019. Each year, on a daily basis we're trying our best to create magic and are turning augmented analytics into a natural, enjoyable, insightful and value-bringing process in research, development and innovation.

About The Big Squeeze:

The Big Squeeze is the leading time squeezing conference for startups & scale-ups in Belgium. The Big Squeeze actively invites industry leaders & tech companies to work together and collaborate on innovative solutions.

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About DataStories:

DataStories International is an advanced analytics partner for industrial businesses with complex R&D or manufacturing processes.  We are the only technology that has a strong feedback loop from machine learning algorithms to actions. Our product - the DataStories platform -  brings advanced predictive analytics in the hands of your domain experts.

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Our core expertise is in business-driven applications of predictive analytics and data science to solve complex business challenges which directly impact the bottom line.