If you are a Product Manager writing on Medium.com, here's what the data says you should do

DataStories,posted on 6th September 2015
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We mapped out the product management landscape from reliable online content and a couple interesting insights emerged.

We hooked up DataStories with NomNom Insights, and thoroughly analyzed all posts about Product Management published on Medium.com between January 2015 and May 2016. From 4700+ posts we selected the ones with more than 100 words in the English language, computed 26 various metrics per post (ext, title, author, url, number of words, images, videos, sentiments metrics, post date, etc) and checked the mentions of 38 keywords of our interest in each post.

If you are a product manager who is writing or thinking of writing articles on Medum.com, here is what our data tells us you should do:

  • The article should focus on Customer Experience, User Experience, and User Stories.
  • You should publish a minimum of 2 stories per year. Influencers who emerged from the data publish 2-8 posts per year.
  • The article should contain YOUR original content, and not just feature what others say (posts written in response to other posts seem not to do well).
  • You should make it your goal to get more than 22 likes on Medium.
  • You should NOT pay attention to how many followers you have. The data shows the number of followers has no effect on how well the article does in terms of likes or comments.

So, how do you become a famous influencer on product management? Apparently, by posting 2-8 original articles per year on Medium.com and making them about customer and user experience.

From the data we found only 17 people who consistently write articles on Product Management that get consistently well liked by picky Medium readers. This is less than one percent of 2000+ people who published 3580+ posts over the last 12 months. It looks like there is some space among the best.

Check the details of our data story, take a note about the influencers who emerged from the data and jump to the content that made them great here:

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