DataStories Keynote at the European Commission

DataStories,posted on 4th July 2019

Reviving long-term growth in the European Union

On July 4th, our CEO Katya Vladisvlavleva gave a TED-Talk style presentation zooming into her experience as a business leader at The European Political Strategy Centre's Productivity Conference, which gathers leading European businesses, practitioners, academics and policymakers.

The sessions at the panel analysed current trends in business dynamism in Europe. It examined factors that allowed for the effective reallocation of resources towards more productive means, including access to growth finance, as well as non-financial, regulatory incentives that affect firms’ market entry and exit.

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Picture: European Political Strategy Center

About the conference

Productivity lies at the heart of long-term economic prosperity. Yet, productivity growth in advanced countries, including in Europe, has slowed in the past decade – albeit with significant disparities between groups of firms, regions or countries.

What are the drivers of the current productivity slowdown? Where does Europe stand and what are the key challenges and paradoxes it faces? Which of these can be addressed through EU-level intervention?

This Conference explored these important questions, in particular focusing on the role of better diffusion of knowledge and technology, the digitalisation of firms, investment finance and changing business models in reviving long-term growth in the European Union.

Conference website: EPSC Productivity Conference

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