Barry Callebaut Interview - Smart Production and the Smart Factory of the future

Watch an interview of Filip Buggenhout from Barry Callebaut Group with first-hand advice on building a global manufacturing automation program in a very complex production environment. We are honored to be supporting Barry Callebaut team with the DataStories software on this journey and thrilled about their results!

DataStories,posted on 23rd May 2022
Barry CallebautDigital TransformationDriving Change

Earlier this month our CEO, Katya Vladislavleva, visited our client Barry Callebaut Group to interview Filip Buggenhout, Director Innovation & Technology, about Smart Production and the Smart Factory of the future.

Filip shared his vision and experience in setting up a smart manufacturing and automation program and unique insights about the value of analytics, timelines to get to the first provable business value, the importance of an operator-centric approach and his recommendations for leaders envisioning autonomous self-optimizing operations.

A must watch interview for those looking to drive change and achieve digital transformation in their organization.

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