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It has been hurting us to know that 90% of the budgets are usually spent on data collection with little to no plans on what to do with it later. As a result we see that 95% of collected enterprise data is unused and turned into a cost to store and maintain, while no one is looking at it.

Enterprise performance visibility is now hidden because relationships between what you do and what you care about are buried in hundreds of spreadsheets.

We believe that a good business analytics tool should:

  • 1 Present you these relationships with the minimum number of metrics that impact your KPIs. (To optimize your target KPI you’d want to change 5 metrics that matter instead of 100s).
  • 2 Provide results in a clear interpretable narrative, a story, which makes it far easier to align all the stakeholders.
  • 3 Be maximally automated so that anyone can do it on a continuous basis (and just not once per quarter based on when your only data scientist is available).

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