We are on a mission to help people understand what matters in their data

The sole reason we develop technology for predictive analytics and data viz is to help decision makers focus on what's actually important

A "SWAT" team of fifteen

Board of Directors

Deliver solutions that work

We are self-sustained, growing organically since 2011. The two most important factors that shaped us and our technology are:

  1. We have been working in a small team on too many projects and had to automate a lot of things;
  2. We have been solving real-world problems, and became painfully aware of the difference between the theory and practice. This made us build our analytics algorithms to fly in the real world where simplifying assumptions do not hold.
  3. Usually our clients find us through the word of mouth after their projects with other analytics companies did not deliver, and we need to rescue the project and create success a.s.a.p. This necessity to heal the burning pain fast made our algorithms very effective on a wide range of data problems - from creating a fundable IP for high-tech startups in 8 weeks to saving R&D projects for S&P 100.

We made our technology available to the world

We are paid quite handsomely to solve hard analytics problems that other people couldn't solve. Most our consulting projects range from two weeks to two months with compensation starting from 30K Euro. This is pretty cheap for businesses in a burning pain, but could be quite expensive for small companies who want to be smart from the start. To help them utilize and fully benefit from the data they are already collecting we created an intelligent automated analytics service - DataStories.com.

The crazy thing is that the core unique selling points of our technology - selection of metrics which matter, robust models with error bounds, and instant interactive what-if scenarios - are now all available for everyone!

And the world listens!

Just in the last seven months we enjoyed an overwhelmingly great feedback from the world:

  • We were named the top innovative startup of Belgium by geektime.com, bloovi.be, and smartbiz.be.
  • We received an Innovation & Excellence in Data-Driven Solutions, Belgium award by the corporate LiveWire.
  • We won the main prize in a competitive Manufacturing Sustainability Hackathon for one of S&P 10 companies competing with top of the industry companies and analytics platforms.
  • We were shortlisted as one of the top 100 most promising Big Data Solution Providers by CIOReview.com.