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Accelerate formulation development using predictive data mining without hiring data scientists

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Here's How DataStories Helps You Accelerate Your R&D

Save Experimentation Time

Save enormous experimentation time by discovering where to focus the experiments. Uncover non-obvious experimental settings or composition designs to leap to desired performance.

Spot Good & Bad Projects

Outpace your competition by quickly identify "bad" projects with little chance to deliver expected results. Focus on innovations with potential.

Without Scarce Data Scientists

Quickly make sense of the data you have collected with your current resources, and without the need to hire scarce data scientists.

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DataStories is Fast And Easy

Two words not normally associated with advanced predictive analytics

DataStories is a super-fast online service that identifies the factors that affect your KPIs – and eliminates everything else. For anyone who collected experimental data and needs to push product development and optimize performance.

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    Predict and plan
    winning experiments

The cleanest, minimal list of KPI drivers helps you set the right focus

Robust and unbiased explanations of what drives required preferences and performance

Interactive what-if scenarios to find set of features with optimal performance

Cut Months off Your R&D

Cut through the data noise to find the winning solutions. Get your results in 3 days or less.

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Sanjoy Bhose

Director, Business Development
Mirus Partnership

Katya and Evolved Analytics are completely committed to disrupting and ‘game changing’ predictive analytics (predictive data mining). After a detailed conversation with one of their Fortune 500 customers I understand that they have genuinely delivered what all software companies truly love to claim, outstanding ROI and "too good to be true" results that are revolutionising project timelines and their associated costs. It has been an honor to work with, witness and contribute to what Katya and Evolved Analytics are achieving and I look forward to cooperating on an ongoing basis with what will be their inevitable growth and success.

14 Years of Accelerating R&D Projects

Cut through the data noise to find the winning solutions. Get your results in 3 days or less.

60% Faster to Market and Savings in tens of millions

A Fortune 500 company with a gigantic R&D is developing a new crop. After spending millions to collect experimental data, they were still facing a combinatorial explosion of potential experiments to run.

Click below to read how company used DataStories’ predictive models to instantaneously predict the likely outcome of their experiments. This allowed them to reduce the time to market by 60% in a course of just two and a half years, and saved them tens of millions in costs.

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Givaudan Uses Our Technology to Develop a New Flavour

8 ingredients were combined in different volumes, creating a new flavor, which was then evaluated by a panel of people. The liking result differed wildly even with same ingredients (mixed in different volumes). And in unexpected and difficult to predict ways!

Givaudan has turned to DataStories to build robust predictive models to evaluate the liking scores on ANY flavor (any arbitrary composition of the eight ingredients). MANY DAYS of experimentation were saved there, but not just that.

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Predicting Wind Energy Yield

An accurate prediction of a wind farm's yield is critical when deciding on whether to build a new farm. Also in real time, predictions are critical for the energy load balancing used in coordinating production of traditional power plants and weather-dependent sites.

Read the story on how DataStories predictive models helped reliably predict the energy yield based on a few easy-to-measure weather data.

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Predictive Soft Sensors in the Chemical Industry

DataStories makes it easy to develop soft sensors (a way to estimate the value of a hard-to-measure property by using data sources which are more easily accessible).

Soft sensors help manufacturers optimize equipment usage, and improve control strategies — minimize off-spec, improve yields, and reduce time, cost and energy.

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Deriving Actionable Insights from Data is Hard

Anyone who collected experimental data and needs to push product development and optimize performance has met at least one of the challenges:

Imperfect Data

Experimental data is far from being text-book-perfect. It contains many factors of unknown significance, many correlated factors, missing values, combinations of text and numbers, comes from unknown distributions, and most often it describes non-linear relationships, which cannot be captured by linear models.

Our algorithms are designed to deal with non-linearities of the real world, automatically and intelligently handle missing data without the loss of information, robustly identify performance drivers, optimize competing KPIs, and more.

Imperfect Data
Combinatorial Explosion

Combinatorial Explosion

Most projects on new products, materials and formulations are concerned about planning and performing experiments, the more the better, but do not take into account that more data does not always mean more information. Mapping experimental factors to numerical descriptor spaces and designing intelligent model-guided experiments is the only way to cut through combinatorial explosion towards faster commercialization cycles.

Thanks to DataStories, you can robustly identify factors that drive performance and avoid unrealistic simplification of problems you needed before to just make the task manageable.

Gap Between R&D and Data Science

We’ve been developing data analytics algorithms to address the challenges of the real-world experimental science and R&D in the industry for 14 years. Algorithms behind DataStories are the lifeblood of this experience reduced to the essence.

DataStories in a reliable, affordable and fast alternative to acquiring scarce data scientists and teaching them realities of modern R&D.

Gap between R&D and Data Science

Stop Guessing, Start Innovating

Leave the data crunching to us, focus on the winning experiments and accelerate your innovation cycle.

Kouris Kalligas

Kouris Kalligis

CEO, Addapp Corp, 2014

"We have benefited from true science combined with hands-on attitude"

Bert Reekmans

Bert Reekmans

Innovation Centre Flanders

"An innovation breakthrough to deliver analytics"