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Clear solutions to complex problems

For anyone who collected data and needs to make decisions, DataStories is a super-fast online service that identifies the factors that affect your KPIs – and eliminates everything else. The result is a bank of interactive prediction profilers anyone can trust and use. Unlike the dashboards and visualisations of traditional business intelligence, we include the context you need to truly understand performance. Better still, we do it all in five days or less.

Here is how it works:

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    your data

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    Hit go
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Fast and easy. Two words not normally associated with analytics.

We offer you three stories to choose from, based on the three most common challenges in data interpretation. Once you’ve decided which you need, just upload your spreadsheet with a description of your problem and the context.

Our propeller-heads then set to work and, in less than five days – including a conversation about the results – you get a report containing clear, actionable findings. What happens next is up to you.

Our Team

We are a team of geeks passionate about technology, dreaming big and making it happen. Our mission is to bring advanced predictive analytics to all of you and make it so easy to use that you just take it for granted. You might not know, but we care and think about you all the time! We find out how to get value out of your data in the easiest, fastest, and most engaging way, so that you are able to blissfully do whatever it is that you do, but much faster and smarter.

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