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Big data analytics and supply chain optimization

Our consulting business line specializes on data science and supply chain optimization projects.

Our unique selling proposition in data science projects is that we help transform data and the output of analytics tools into directly measurable business value. Historically we have been working on industrial applications - new product development in R&D and process optimization for process industries.

The domains we know best are:

  • advanced materials and formulations design for FMCG, chemicals and life sciences,
  • process optimization based on sensor data (IoT, inferential sensors, reactor optimization, energy consumption optimization),
  • automotive analytics (vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance, connected cars, vehicle recommendations, new and used car market intelligence),
  • content analytics and predictive customer scoring for SaaS and e-commerce,
  • leveraging collected big data to create new business models.

Our supply chain optimization solutions are most valuable for large manufacturers or distributors. Several large production plants are currently planning their entire production cycle using our customized Optiplan solutions. Read more here.

The areas that will benefit best are:

  • demand forecasting for manufacturers,
  • transportation asset management,
  • discrete manufacturing and lean methodology (operating and production planning with hundreds of thousands constraints),
  • time-constrained distribution of goods (optimal assignment of transportation, drivers/specialists, routes, and customers).

Leveraging your data into new business models!